• Dorul Pescarului
    the place where you find your peace

    This is our promise for those who get to Dorul Pescarului
    because here they will need a pleasant experience, in the middle of nature, far away from noise and worries

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  • Rooms arranged with care,
    to fully enjoy them

    To arrange the rooms, we chose simple furniture, but with
    a strong identity, furniture that tells the story of the place.

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  • Tasty dishes, traditionally cooked,
    fresh fish, from our lake

    If there is something that you won’t forget after the experience at Dorul Pescarului,
    it is the food, the taste of natural dishes, traditionally cooked.

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In the middle of the nature

Far away from the noise of the cities, on Vâlsan Valley, in an area where there is only pasture, forest, Făgăraș Mountains and our lake as far as your eyes can see.

Tasty food

Fish borsch, duck or beef stew, traditional meat rolls in cabbage leafs, fish on live colas are just some of the dishes that will make you remember this place.

Silence and peace

The silence and harmony that you will discover here, in the middle of nature, are also inside, as we have designed each room with care and inspiration.

You have many reasons to choose Dorul Pescarului

Down below we present few of the things that we consider to be special here, you can read the whole story on the special page – Discover

Dorul Pescarului is a different destination. Located on Vâlsan River, in the hilly area between Curtea de Argeș and Câmpulung, this place is not just a destination meant to impress those who love fishing. Dorul Pescaruluiis a place where the tourist finds the peace and beauty of the nature. The lake, river, forest, pastures with their fauna and flora will fully contribute to that.  There is a lot to say, in the dedicated section.

Our story

Our story isn’t as spectacular as the one of this place embraced by nature and frozen in a time when man lived in harmony with nature finding his peace and joy at every step.

How a few days spent at Dorul Pescarului look like

The joy to rediscover the silence and beauty of the unaltered nature

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